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Services provided by ILT Host and its affilliates include web site hosting, web site design and development, domain name registration,  search engine optimization, web site promotion and marketing, web site maintenance, multimedia development, and custom on=line course development.

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One of the first questions often asked by prospective clients is "how much is this going to cost me"? This is difficult to answer without knowing exactly what is expected of the site and how large a site is needed.

Think of it this way. If you are in the market to build a house and ask "how much" the response will be "it depends". This depends on the type of house (a ranch, two story, townhouse, etc. Features not included in the model home incur additional fees. The same is true with web site development. The cost depends on the size of your site and the number of features you desire. We have designed sites from simple, inexpensive one page sites to 100+ page sites with many advanced features.

The cost associated with web site development depends on many factors, most importantly of which is the size and desired uniqueness of the site. As a general rule of thumb, development of a basic site costs approximately $100 per page. The cost can increase substantially with the addition of animation, sound, video, and other special effects.

Another factor which can effect development costs is the manner in which information is provided. If you present logos in gif or jpeg file format and text in MS Word or Word Perfect format, costs will be less than presenting such in paper format. We can scan and re-touch logos and photos, however there is a cost for such services. Likewise, we can take any amount of data and scan it into a computer file and add it to our web site.

The following are our "a la cart" fees for service. We can also put together a package which will meet your specific needs.

Website Development:

home page - $250
additional basic web pages - $100 to $150 per page
custom form page - $175
custom graphics, bullets, icons, and navigation bars - $100 per hour
custom programming (advanced html, java, javascript) - $100 per hour
scanning photos, logos, and graphics - $25 each
text scanning and OCR conversion - $50 per hour
capture and conversion of still images from video - $50 each
video conversion (from VHS to digitized video on CD-ROM or DVD) - $75 per hour
Flash introduction - $250
Logo touchup / recreation - $75 per hour

Other Services:

Domain Name Registration - $25 annually (InterNIC fee only. There is no charge for processing domain name registrations.)
Technical Writing - $100 per hour
Web Site Face Lift - $100 per hour
Web Site Analysis - $100 per hour
Web Site Maintenance - packages vary based on size of site, the number of site checks to be performed annually. and the anticipated number of updates required annually.
Search Engine Registration - $250 - $4000 (request a quote)
On-line Course Development - $125 per hour

To receive a no-committment quotation for the development, hosting, and or maintenance of your web site please contact us by one of the following methods:

phone us at: 610.518.6850
fax us at: 610.518.6860
e-mail us at:
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