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Services provided by ILT Host and its affilliates include web site hosting, web site design and development, domain name registration,  search engine optimization, web site promotion and marketing, web site maintenance, multimedia development, and custom on=line course development.

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In addition to web site design, development, and hosting, we also offer the following services:

Domain Name Registration

A domain name is the name which appears in a URL such as: In order to obtain a domain name it is necessary to search for available names and once selected, to register the name with the www registration authority called InterNIC.

Initial registration is valid for a period of 1 to 10 years. will conduct searches for available names and register your name with InterNIC. We will also keep track of your registration and notify you regarding the need to renew. While we do not charge to process the registration, there is a registration fee associated with any domain name (similar to registering your driver's license). charges only $25 per year for domain name registrations, which is a significant savings from the $35 per year charged by Network Solutions, who had been the only means to register a domain. Available domain name extensions include: .com, .net, .org, .us, .biz, .info, .name, and others. Click here to register your domain today!

Search Engine Optimization Registration

Once you have a web site, you will want maximum exposure to attract an audience. After all, a site is not much good if nobody knows it exists. ILT can submit the URLs of your web site to all of the appropriate search engines to ensure that when someone searches for information on a service you provide, your organization's name will appear in the search results. This will help maximize the traffic your site receives.

All sites designed by ILT are done with search engine optimization in mind. This means that we carefully incorporate the "rules" each search engine has for increasing placement based on key words and other factors. Some sites focus solely on design (but the site doesn't get very good ranking in the search engine results) or on search engine placement (but the site looks aweful). ILT combines both facets to make a visually appealing site that uses all the "rules" and gets great search engine placement.

While no one can guarantee the position your listing will appear, we have been very successful in our search engine placement strategies and have obtained NUMBER ONE ranking for many of our clients. We take care to ensure that the site is optimized before submitting the site with search engines. Our submissions are done by hand rather than by automatic submission. This will ensure that appropriate keywords get listed in order to maximize the benefit of submission of your URL to search engines. While there are "free" submit programs on the internet, don't be fooled into thinking they will have an impact on driving traffic to your site. They won't. Let the professionals at ILT handle this important task for you and watch the traffic take off.

Copy Writing

Copy Writing is a very important aspect of web site design. Many design firms take this skill for granted. At ILT, however, we know that good copy requires time, research, and patience. Some clients do not have the time or the knowledge to create the content that goes into a good web site. We are experienced writers with the knowledge and skills to write easy flowing, clean, effective copy.

Technical Writing

Our staff consists of experienced technical writers. We can author material from scratch or convert technical manuals into user friendly documents.

Web Site Maintenance

Once you have a web site, it takes TLC to keep it current and functioning. Links to external web sites often change causing a broken link within your site. We can check all links (internal and external) on a daily or weekly basis and fix any problems before anyone sees them. Updats also include any changes to basic information on your site uch as a new address, phone number, or office hours. Realtor sites often need updates for property listings and photos.

Don't waste your time trying to use web editors to do it yourself, let handle that for you. We offer a variety of maintenance packages to meet your individual needs. Call for details!

Web Site "Face Lifts"

If you already have a web site but are not happy with the look and feel of the site, ILT can re-design the site for maximum effectiveness. There are occasions when someone launches a sign in the most expedient or least expensive manner and then realize that the site is missing something. ILT can fix this problem by giving your site a face lift. We can make minor modifications such as adding some special effects or we can do a complete makeover redesigning the site architecture and theme of the site while keeping the same basic site information.

Web Site Analysis

If you already have a web site, is it effective? Are you receiving the traffic you had anticipated? Are you unsure if it is design for the maximum benefit for your organization? ILT will analyze your site for aesthetics, navigation, user friendliness, content, control, and other factors to help you determine if modifications might be beneficial. A written analysis will be submitted with suggestions for improvement.

ILT can also survey and analyze competitor's web sites and provide a comparison to your site.

On-line course development

The staff of ILT are experience in all aspects of instructional design and on-line learning. If your site would benefit from some type of training program, small or large, ILT can create a customized program to meet your needs. Our latest online course is on using census' when researching your ancestors for the National Genealogical Society.

For information regarding our cost for services, view our pricing guide or to receive a no-committment quotation for the development of your web site please contact us by one of the following methods:


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