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How do I transfer my files?

In order for you to transfer your files from a local PC to an server, you will need to use a File Transport Protocal (FTP) client. If you do not have an FTP client simply click here, and you can download one for free. Or, to download a free trial or purchase CuteFTP for only $39.95 click here. Once you have this software installed simply follow these instructions:

1. Launch your FTP client.

2. Name your new FTP profile what ever you like.

3. Specify the "host address" by entering your domain name.

4. Enter your control panel's user name where it says "login."

5. Enter your control panel's password where it says "password."

6. Enter public_html where it asks for an "initial path."

7. Click the button to make the connection.

8. Once some folders show up in the FTP client's display, simply drag the files from your pc's folder into the open area of the FTP client.

9. The files are now up to the server.

NOTE: no other fields need to be filled in for this to work, only the designated fields from above are required.

To view the files on the web, simply type your ip address and the file you would like to view into the browser and hit enter.

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