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How do I publish with Frontpage?

1. Open the web in frontpage on your home PC.

2. Make sure that the main page of your website is named "index.htm" --> this is very important.

3. Go to File --> Publish Web -->

4. It will ask you where you want to publish to, enter:
NOTE: if you do not have an ip address, you will need to wait for your domain to resolve to the server and use that instead of your ip address.

5. Click the "publish" button

6. It will ask for a login --> enter the login for your cpanel

7. It will ask for your password --> enter the password for your cpanel

8. After entering the above information, click "ok" button (you will see files transferring)

9. Your site is now published

10. View your site at your ip address:

NOTE: these instructions should lead you step-by-step through the Frontpage publishing process. please follow them exactly, especially #2, and you will should not have any trouble at all.

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